Revealing Awareness

Awareness Before Thought   or   The Space Between Thoughts

This is a more commonly known hack for accessing awareness. The analogy is of clouds moving on a compelling blue sky day. Our thoughts are like the clouds and yet the blue, blue sky is accessible to us by simply shifting our focus. With familiarity we may discover that a slight shift in direction is all that is needed.

The Directions

  • Close your eyes (if this is easier)
  • Notice a thought. This might be an inner dialogue (words), an image, or a trace of a thought.
  • With the next thought, simply look off to the side of the thought.
  • Notice the quality of the background. Maybe it is peaceful, still, soft, expansive…
  • This is the background awareness
  • Look off to the side again. Notice the quality.
  • Try it again and see how you would describe it
  • Nothingness? Spacious? Stillness? Calm? …
  • Notice how accessible it is. Is it familiar?
  • Try again

You can share your observations in the comments below

Awareness as blue blue sky above clouds

There is an excellent app on Android or iPhone that talks you through 3-4 awareness hacks, including the one above. Check it out. And at the time of writing, its free.

The “Awaken Your Inner Greatness” app created by Tom Stone, gives step by step audio directions. Swipe the screen to get the next direction. So you can do it with your eyes closed and at your own pace. The techniques taught include: 

  • OUT
  • IN
  • Quietness
  • Wholeness
Inner Greatness App screenshot

Check out this video from Loch Kelly. It’s an excerpt from his book/audio book:  “Shift into Freedom: The Science and Practice of Open-Hearted Awareness”

YouTube link:

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