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There are many instructions and exercises that point directly to the Source (consciousness, awareness, presence1). This website is designed to be a hub, increasing accessible to these resources, and to bring people together as a community of consciousness explorers.



I love living as the open space of awareness (when I’m remembering). I started a group and then the website, so that I have more people to share this with. Like chopping wood to make a fire, I am twice warmed. I get to focus on awareness and I am reminded more often as I work on this material.

Gradually my familiarity, or more like my trust, is increasing. I’m choosing awareness more often as my ‘go to’ when things are tough, and as a resting place. I am seeing the longer term benefits of more equanimity and an increased ability to respond.
– Paul Tottle

Your Contributions

If you have found a good resource (video, audio, web page, book), please send the reference. I’ll review it and include it as another hack (or variation) that ‘accesses awake awareness’. The more details provided the better (ie the exact location/source of the resource, page/time, who to credit, and the nature of the awareness hack). Also you can contribution variations or extensions of hacks in the discussion area below each hack.

If you want to write an article / blog post, let me know.

Website Roadmap
Create a blog layout that is simple & modern
Add more posts/hacks (ongoing)
Create a modern hack / blog launch page
Add event manager
Add another video group that is better for US time zones


  1. presence, aliveness, experiencing, naked awareness, two-way seeing, betweenness, the quickening, I am, amness, isness, oneness, awakening, peace that passeth understanding, unity consciousness, realisation, enlightenment, transcendence, liberation, the great void, nothingness and everythingness, capacity, nobody home, the source, christ consciousness, nirvana, brahman, atman, samadhi, buddha nature, non-dual beingness, being here - now, the power of now, flow, synergy, in the zone, synchronisation of brainwaves, alignment with your true self, higher self, the little self and the big Self, centredness, at center, spacious awareness, the open secret, the gateless gate, the choiceless path, the Tao, living from the inside out, surrendering the head to the heart, direct perception